“Art is what you can get away with…”

After a busy holiday season, I am enjoying a little break from the madness back home with a weekend trip to Pittsburgh and then a few days at my family’s mountain house. It is tradition that each year after Christmas we go visit family in the Steel City for a few days to catch up and celebrate the season. This year Adam and I decided to sneak off for a little adventure and explore the North Side. We both have frequented the city growing up but sometimes it pays to play tourist in your own backyard (something that is high on my list of 2015 goals). Since art is something that we both are passionate about we decided that The Warhol Museum was a sure hit. With a tasty and thankfully not so overpriced cappuccino from the museum cafe we mulled around the lobby area where I admired the industrial style decor and eye catching design until Adam got antsy and we set off into the seven floor exhibit. A little tip here, I know everyone always says this but it really does pay off too ask for a student discount. As a recent grad who has a lost student ID for over year I sure have gotten a lot of free passes without having to show anything for my proof of actually being a student. The Warhol Museum offering a huge discount of 50% making our tickets only $10 each.

We started the tour from the top floor and made our way down, as we watched Warhol’s life and talent unfold before us. As a former art student, I have a pretty decent knowledge of Warhol but the museum provided me with so many great little tidbits of information that I was happily surprised. Each floor had just enough to keep you into what was going on but not overkill like some museums.

After our museum visit we strolled along the river, enjoyed a Pittsburgh style lunch at Bettis’s Grille 36, and checked out the science center. All and all the weather was beautiful and the day was more than we ever could have hoped for. Another trip and another piece of proof that playing tourist can be just the trick to a perfect day.







After a few hour drive to the mountains and a lot of listening to our new favorite Podcast, Serial we finally arrived to our second destination for a little mountain retreat.


I’m Making Some Changes Around Here

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.42.22 PM

I know a lot of you have followed me from when I was on Tumblr as a 17 year old, freshly living in New York City, through the creation of beautybombbb, the switch to WordPress, and the evolution of the blog itself. I was adamant about chronicling my life for you all from dinners out to college campus attire and I was pretty thorough about it for a while. After three colleges, hair school, and countless jobs that prepared me with an extensive skill set, I took the jump into territory I had always wished of being in and applied for the internship of my dreams with a creative studio in Baltimore. After a an interview, a portfolio review, and a application project I landed the position as a new intern. That’s where my last post left off, my first day.

For the past 10 months I have put everything into my internship (which has now turned into a full time job) and I have loved every second of it. I finished out my last two semesters of school while interning/working, traveled a bit, and navigated my personal life as well as an early 20-something can. Now that things have slowed down a bit on my own end (work is still as crazy as ever and I wouldn’t have it any other way) I am back at it with this blog with more exciting content than ever!

This blog is dedicated to documenting my personal life through my outfits and adventures. In no way is this supposed to be affiliated with my career. While you might see photos that have backdrops of our studio or references to my job, this is my own personal endeavour. I often publish updates on my work on my Instagram which you can feel free to follow and catch up on the past 10 months with, but do not expect to see that here. To stay up to date on the company happenings you can follow the studio’s blog.

As I’ve always said since beginning my blogging adventures almost 7 years ago, my blog is to share my life with other people. To show them my successes and failures and my experiences for them to learn from. I hope that with the new start of Hashtags and Hashbrowns I will continue to be able to achieve my goal. So get ready and re-add me to your favorites tab, things are about to get good.


OOTD: #InternLife


This week I started interning at Stephanie Bradshaw Creative Studio, doing basically anything in the free world that is related to fashion, design, blogs, shopping, dog walking, and I’m loving it. My life is on it’s way to becoming a tornado of insanely busy weeks but they will be filled with doing what I am passionate about. I’m so thankful that I was picked to join the team and I can’t wait to learn from the amazing team of “design ninjas” who work so hard for SB.

On my first day I wore this cobalt oriental print blouse via Francesca’s and this gold chain link necklace via Nordstrom BP.

Guac Like A Lady

Now I know this may come as a shock to you all but I may have just discovered a restaurant even better than Dos Caminos. They are big shoes to fill as my favorite Mexican restaurant but Azul 17 in my hometown of Columbia, MD has definitely lived up to every expectation I had and more.

I do have to give credit to my boyfriend, Nick, for suggesting this place as somewhere special to take me. I had only heard about it here and there but hadn’t made it a priority to go. Once he looked into it he realized it had me written all over it and said “babe, get in the car, I’m getting you guacamole.” Obviously, I could not refuse.

When we walked in I think I really embarrassed him by screaming “It’s like Sur in here!” at an alarmingly loud level, but hey, I was excited. The decor was chic to the point of me telling him our house some day would be decorated exactly like the interior of a Mexican restaurant I had been in for less than 5 minutes. There is a bar area with and extensive tequila collection and a restaurant area, both of which have a chill vibe.

We tried four different margaritas ranging from spicy cayenne pepper infused to a mix of pina colada and margarita, all which were insanely pleasing. For an appetizer we tried the seasonal guacamole which was made fresh at our table with crab meat and Old Bay added in. Now, if you are not from Maryland you probably don’t understand the serious cool factor that they incorporated these state classics into a classic appetizer but if you ever do come in from out of town to try it you WILL get the hype. The guacamole was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted, I swear. It was served with fresh chips. Sold for life.

For the entree Nick ordered a skirt steak thing that was all delicious for his meat loving palette and of course, I had to sample the fish tacos. They were perfection, so fresh and perfectly flavored. To finish off the course we each took a shot of tequila that was handpicked for us by our server.

Overall, the service was phenomenal, the food was fresh, flavorful and flat out amazing, and the decor was so chic I went home and searched on Amazon for half the cool skull decorations they had. Nick knows, the way to my heart is in the guac. We coined a new winning spot for date nights and friend outings alike.

Below are some pictures I took so your mouth can water just as much as mine did.








5 Chic Things About Sochi

With all the hype about how disturbing conditions are for this year’s Winter Olympics (note snarky Fox News article http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/02/06/olympic-sized-failure-journalists-revolt-over-lousy-sochi-conditions/ ) I thought I’d take things into brighter territory by highlighting 5 chic things about Sochi. Not every country can have private toilet stalls but come on, there’s at least some things to appreciate.

1. They have THIS place, on it’s list of “must see attractions.”


It kind of screams Kardashian mansion without being so obnoxious. Money on Kanye West trying to buy this place in the next 3 months.

2. They have palm trees. New York, do YOU have palm trees?

3. The gold metal presented will be one of the biggest. Ever. Oh. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonydemarco/2014/02/05/sochi-gold-medal-will-be-the-largest-in-olympic-history-heres-how-much-its-worth/)

4. Although Sochi doesn’t allow gay people or Chobani (wtf) in their borders, they did get a shout out from Andy Cohen via WWHL which is more than I can say for myself. They were technically the “Jackhole” of the night but whatever. (http://www.thebraiser.com/top-chef-new-orleans-fan-favorite/)

5. Sochi is going to play host not only to the Winter Games but to some World Cup matches in 2018. There’s no other description I can give for why this is chic besides:


David Beckhamesq men running around. You’re welcome.

So next time you get angry because poor Shaun White is being deprived of his peach Chobani pre competition remember all of the great, chic things about Sochi. Also, I don’t really get the whole problem with the non private toilets, I mean us girl’s can’t go to the bathroom without our friends anyway, what’s a few more added to the party?

Think about that.